Ian Blair
2019-07-23, 18:19
I've been meaning to do this review for quite sometime now but as per, life gets in the way. If like me, you've found Chris through a random search then, stop and book in. Chris has been supporting my wife with continued sessions and the difference that we, her family see is simply something that I would describe as something money couldn't buy! Chris is a great guy and fantastic at what he does. I couldn't recommend him enough. Personally, I've recommended him too friends, family and work colleagues - take the chance, I'm glad I did.
Kirsty Squires Bertram
2019-03-13, 15:43
I had my first session with Chris today and i must admit i am on top of the world.
Chris is an absolute gentleman who reassures you the up most support will be given if needed. he welcomes you into his home office with kindness making you feel at ease. with offering of refreshments he makes a great cup of coffee and chocolate biscuits, so if you don't go for hypnotherapy sessions his cuppas and a chats are worth a visit.
Can't thank you enough Chris xx
Karen Mooney
2019-02-04, 12:05
I had hypnotherapy from Chris to get help for an issue that I had struggled with for a long time. The issue has completely gone and it's a huge relief. Chris is an excellent therapist, he really pays attention and shows a lot of understanding. Highly recommended. Thank you Chris.
Marie Miller
2018-12-31, 17:14
Sessions taken at your own pace, you decide what you’d like to achieve from attending, if you want to talk, cry, be angry or whatever, the coach is very supportive, always has tissues and water and never judges. Everything you say is in total confidence, and you’re never made to feel useless or like an idiot because you think a certain way.
Alannah Morton
2017-10-01, 17:51
Really appreciate your energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement. It's infectious!
Adrian Kennedy
2017-07-03, 15:47
Great coaching call today on the group session. Gave me a boost
Jillian Balmer
2017-03-12, 13:43
I really enjoyed your wellness workshop today and will be signing up again.
Pat Baird
2016-10-02, 17:22
Thank you Chris for your patience and understanding today. I feel a weight has lifted, even if there's a way still to go
Sandy Thomas
2016-05-16, 14:40
Thanks for the call today, feeling so much better about things
Andrew Johnston
2016-02-23, 09:03
Working my way through the New Year Course plan and finding it very helpful
Robert Kell
2016-01-17, 10:45
I signed up for the Plan your year course and have actually managed to sort goals for the next few months. Feel really motivated.
Ewen Campbell
2015-11-13, 13:28
Just finished a fantastic working lunch with Chris! I feel like we covered so much and so productive too!
Carol Ann
2015-08-14, 12:03
Chris helped me build my confidence and self esteem back up after a bad separation and dealing with a lot of hurt and anger
Lynn Smith
2015-03-16, 11:50
I've had coaching from Chris for a while now, mainly as an when needed, but his support has been invaluable.
Amy Talbot
2015-02-19, 13:18
I don't want to be settled in my comfort zone - I wanna be in the action zone! Chris helped me see the difference and I bravely stepped from my comfort zone to make powerful changes
Sarah Jeffries
2015-02-06, 01:34
I've been a subscriber to your newsletter for some time now and really enjoy getting your emails. The topics are always relevant to me in some way and I find your words and thoughts refreshing.
Angela Watson
2014-11-25, 08:54
I'd been a bit discouraged by struggling to maintain my longer term goal planning focus. Chris gave me all the support I needed to get back on track and committed to seeing things through.
Tony Sykes
2014-09-01, 11:10
I really enjoyed your "Success Mindset - 16 Success Traits You Should Have" webinar. Such a great presentation and great ideas!
Bruce Wilson
2014-08-05, 15:18
Thanks to working with Chris, I have learned that life is far too short to waste. Having our monthly coaching calls has made such a difference and I've been able to change my whole outlook.
Jessica Mills
2014-07-08, 17:05
I was on the confidence and self esteem teleseminar last night and thought is was amazing! Such a great way to present on Skype
Simon Phillips
2014-04-09, 22:19
The coaching academy is great for me as it's always there when I need a little boost or help when I'm struggling. I took out a silver membership first and later upgraded to gold so I could take part in the live presentations, which are very good, and hit the spot where you need it.
Tracey Packman
2014-02-19, 10:44
Having registered for the online Coaching Academy, I was blown away by the study topics available. It's also good that there are both free and low cost subscription options which suited me perfectly.
Gary Hume
2013-12-08, 17:20
Fantastic newsletters and articles, full of good helpful tips. I always look forward to the next one.
Wendy M
2013-06-03, 12:42
I approached Chris with regards to needing a work based confidence boost, but we soon identified other concerns as well which I was causing myself more grief with. It was the first time anyone had taken the time to ask me the right questions, and I was surprised at my answers. Thanks to working with Chris for some months in a longer coaching plan, I now have a more confident and assertive presence at work, and I have been able to address issues in my relationship that I had been ignoring. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Sharon Gilles
2013-03-29, 09:11
I've been working with your notes for some time now, and this GROW model really hit home for me. It's helped me get out of a real sticking point. Very helpful!
Michelle Palmares
2012-09-18, 17:26
I've just finished reading the "10 Day Confidence Building Program", thank you Chris! I was feeling empty before I started reading it. As I went through it, memories of some situations flashed in my mind which I could have handled better with these guidelines. I feel much better now, and hopefully I can apply this approach in my day to day life.
Sarah Johnstone
2012-04-12, 15:15
Thank you so much for the chance to take part in the recent 10 day confidence building course that was advertised through facebook. I can't believe you actually offered this for free! The daily devotional-type notes were like a breath of fresh air and I feel so much better inside now.
Ava Welsh
2012-03-22, 01:13
Thanks for taking time to talk with me today at the lone parent well being event. You really encouraged me and made things clearer. I found the hand outs very good too, and I had a good look at my wheel of life - youd be proud of me! lol :)
James Blackie
2012-02-27, 11:12
I just wanted to say how helpful I found the newsletter article on "finding purpose and direction". This has been a big hurdle for me in the past. Very interesting, and I like your work.
Heather Fotheringham
2011-11-29, 01:09
I've just signed up for your newsletter after reading some of your articles on the website. It's just what I needed to get myself back on track again.
ps - I LOVE the motivational quotes and affirmations you do!
David Johnston
2011-10-14, 08:01
I'd just like to thank you for the chat we had today. I found our initial session challenged me a lot on my negative beliefs, and you put my mind at rest on what we talked about. Thanks for your help
Wendy Stewart
2010-07-17, 14:16
I think your newsletter is very helpful and such a great idea. I'm also very grateful to have been given the chance to take your confidence course. It really did me good and has made me think more about my future. Thank you again.
Simon Philips
2010-06-04, 11:34
I've just finished a block of 4x Gold face-to-face coaching sessions with Chris, who has been a great help and support through a difficult time. I feel like I'm back in control now! Thank you!
Anne Marshall
2010-03-15, 23:23
I have just completed the 10 day confidence building program and found it very helpful. It challenged me in a number of areas and I have since been able to apply what I learned in daily life
Jim Dickson
2010-01-11, 14:34
Dear Sir,
I was at one of the Oakley presentations and found your goal planning talk very interesting. I'd have liked to have had time to speak with you and your team further on this at the event and will be in touch for more information.
Yours Sincerely,
Jim Dickson
2010-01-05, 10:00
On behalf of everyone at "Oakley Consulting", I'd like to thank Chris for his recent leadership coaching and team building workshops. Everyone enjoyed themselves and came away motivated.
We'll be booking you again for next year!

What People Say About Us

Andrew Johnston
2016-02-23, 09:03
Working my way through the New Year Course plan and finding it very helpful

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