Charter of Life Coaching Practice




We aim to provide a high-quality coaching service, for both life coaching, business coaching, or mentoring, which serves the needs and interests of our clients.  We aim to build lasting long-term relationships with you of quality and satisfaction, which will in turn enable us to work together to enhance your personal life, working and business skills, and qualities.  We aim to support you in achieving your goals through your career, health, wealth, social contribution, relationships, and personal vision.


Our Values

Respect, Professionalism, Integrity, Honesty, Motivation, Innovation, Inspiration, Partnerships and Value.



We will make every professional effort to supply the coaching hours contracted to high standards.  Should we make a mistake we will seek to remedy it to your satisfaction.



In all dealings, we will maintain a high level of courtesy and respect to our clients, their employees and associated customers.  We will reply promptly to all and any enquires.


Information and Assistance

We will provide all the information and assistance that we can to fulfill any contracts to the highest standards, within the limits of maintaining the confidentiality of other clients.



We will seek to be fair in all aspects of our business relationships with clients, non-judgemental, and appreciative of any concerns raised by clients.  We will also try to be as accommodating and flexible as possible to ensure our clients get the service they hope for.



We will at all times respect the confidentiality of clients and will not divulge any information unless required to do so by law.


Time Allocation

At all times, we will allocate and be available for the session times agreed in the contract, and likewise will seek remuneration for any loss of earnings in all circumstances for missed appointments or inconveniences with this allocation.


What People Say About Us

Michelle Palmares
2012-09-18, 17:26
I've just finished reading the "10 Day Confidence Building Program", thank you Chris! I was feeling empty before I started reading it. As I went … read more

"My name is Chris Allan. I'm a Personal Empowerment Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, certified Hypnotherapist & Pain Management Consultant, Public Speaker (and a Bodyguard too!)."

My passion is empowering people with the tools they need to understand what they want or need in life, to break the chains holding them back from their dreams, and to help them take action toward making powerful changes happen.