Find fresh energy to get you though the day with these 6 tips, and find your motivation again.

Do you work at a computer or use a phone regularly?  Do you find yourself staring at a screen for long periods or tilting your head to hold the phone under your chin?  Not the most comfortable of positions and more likely to contribute to tiredness.  There are however a few simple things we can do to help us feel more energized while we work, and will improve our general sense of well-being.


Here are 6 ways to help you survive your working day


1) A little light stretching

If you tend to be a bit self-conscious, you may wish to consider doing this when there are less people about; like first thing in the morning, or before you arrive at work.  Lift your arms over your head, stretching straight up and raising your shoulders as far as they will go.  Tilt your body gently side to side.  Relax slightly and roll your neck slowly, then your shoulders.  A bit of self massage always does wonders, so straighten up your posture and rub your lower back for about a minute, either side of your spine.  You’re trying to promote the blood flow in these areas and in all of those joints that have been sitting rigid and stiff.  The effects will be very beneficial, and you may even find rubbing your own shoulder quite soothing too.


2) Quick walks

The next time you are able to take a toilet or lunch break, why not take a quick walk round the outside of the building.  A quick blast of sunshine (or driving rain!) and fresh air will do you good.  Don’t use the excuse of not having enough time.   Whether it’s just a quick 5 minutes or longer during your lunch, the change of scenery and escaping the office will do you good.  Of course the longer the better, but you are limited to taking what you can, when you can.  Even if it’s raining, don’t be put off.  An alternative to going outside might be using the stairs to walk or run up and down a few flights where you can.  When we exercise, the brain releases chemicals called endorphins, and these help elevate mood and energy.  The aim here is to prompt this process into action so even with a few minutes of exercising here and there throughout the day we can still get a boost.  Why not turn this into a positive new habit, and get a friend to join you?


3) Breathing exercises

Sit up straight, close your eyes and place your hands just above your waist.  Inhale gently through your nose without expanding your upper-chest.  Instead, let your lower-chest and stomach inflate.  Allow the air to flow fully down the back of the throat and into the depths of your lungs and stomach.  Then exhale forcefully through your mouth and draw your lower-chest and your stomach in.  Repeat 10 times.


4) Fuel your body properly

Yes, your body works like an engine! – and believe it or not, it works better or worse depending on what ‘fuel’ you put in your ‘tank’!  Naturally it goes without saying that the better the quality of the fuel/food you take in, then the better your body functions.  For example, foods in their natural state like fresh fruit and vegetables will give you more energy, whereas highly processed foods will sap energy from you, and actually contribute to weight gain too...


5) Healthy nibbles

Have you ever eaten something really heavy or filling that's just left you feeling bloated and lethargic afterwards?  In the same way, eating something healthier will give you a natural boost, help cleanse your system, and increase your immune system.  Which one sounds better?  Slow and sluggish, or alert and active?  Snacking is a good way to keep your energy levels up, and having portions of fruit and vegetables that you can spread out will help keep you going during the day.  Seeds and nuts are also great things to snack on because of their high levels of both ‘healthy’ fat and protein, and they have the added advantage of making you feel full too.  A great tasting and healthy snack could consist of chopped vegetables into batons, with a dip like couscous or hummus, or even some cracker bread with cream cheese and tomatoes.  Snacking on junk foods that are heavy in carbohydrates is a bad idea as it just sits in the pit of your stomach as you’re generally inactive during the day, and it takes longer for things to digest.  So avoid things like sugary donuts, sweets, crisps and cookies when you can.


6) Add a little fun to your day!

We’ve all seen those work-places where no-one speaks and everyone’s head is down, hard at it.  Do you think these people find their work fulfilling?  This isn’t an inspiring environment to be in and could easily be one based on targets and high pressure.  The day would just drag in if the atmosphere was too dry and formal.  Sometimes it has to be this way of course depending on the job, but where there’s an opportunity, why not add a little spark?  It could be as easy as just interacting with your colleagues when it’s appropriate.   As simple as this is, it’s an effective way of relieving boredom, building a stronger team, and sharing knowledge among the staff.  Even if the work-place isn’t a good place for chatting, having lunch with your colleagues occasionally helps to lighten the mood and takes the edge off clock-watching for home time.


What do you do to energize your day and keep yourself alert work? 


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