Have you ever made yourself an empty goal promise, or a New Years' resolution that you knew you couldn't commit to...?

Do you ever make yourself promises that sounds like these ? -


"Someday, I'm going to..."


  • Do something creative and expressive with my skills.


  • Take a proper holiday away from home for once.


  • Lose the extra weight I put on over the festive period.


  • Begin eating and drinking healthier.


  • Pay off the debt I've built up over the years.


  • Cut down or give up smoking altogether.


  • Start my business and do what I really enjoy for work.


  • Live the life I've always hoped for.


How many of these sound familiar to you?


Sadly, for many people these dreams won't become a reality within the time they really need it.

So why not??


Well, the answer is simple . . .


 . . . Because they haven't set their goals and planned on how they will make these things happen!


Did you know that 'Goal Setting' is the secret to fulfilling ANY dream or desire you want in life?


Did you also know that truly successful people use proper goal planning to get the knowledge, wisdom, and skills they need to create the opportunities, possibilities, and happiness they set their hearts on?


Unfortunately most people will get distracted from their current and short term goals that require their immediate attention, and instead focus on their longer term goals and dreams before considering their priorities.  What they need are clear goals help them stay on target to achieve their dreams and success.


Here are 6 goal setting tips for helping you reach your true goals today -


1) Work out what you want to accomplish

Do you want to drop a dress size?  Reach an ideal weight?  Get into a proper fitness routine?  Study to gain an extra qualification?  Move to a new home with more space for your family?  To improve your overall lifestyle and standard of living?  Change to a healthier frame of mind?  And… why is your desired goal important to you?

Take a moment to think about what your goals are.  Remember, goal setting/planning is a process for reaching a desired outcome.  It is about identifying where we are now, where we want to be and the steps that can take us there.


2) Begin planning short term goals

Even if you’re more concerned with long term goals, these can often be broken down into shorter term milestones and targets, and they build up to achieving the larger plans.  Short-to-medium term goals can be our starting point for our long term ones, and often enable our longer term planning to come together much better.  They also help to get us in the right motivational frame of mind for tackling the longer term, or larger tasks.


3) Be clear on what you want from your goal

When you are planning your goals, be sure to clarify why you’re doing it, and what you expect from it.

Ask yourself – “Do I really want this goal, and will this goal give me what I need?"

Answering this question will give you the confirmation you need for reassurance, give you more passion to move forward, and help you stay focused and motivated to achieving your goal.


4) Don’t be shy to share

Goals are great things to have in place for your life, your career, or your business interests, and you should take pride in yourself for setting your sights on something you know will bring about positive changes and benefit you.  You should also be proud of yourself for any and all achievements you make as well.  Personally, I didn’t used to speak about these sort of things much as I didn’t want to come across as arrogant or boasting, but I eventually learned that it’s perfectly okay to be proud of yourself, happy and satisfied after your hard work pays off.  And you know what?  Other people like your friends, family, and colleagues want to be happy for you as well.

Not only is it important to share about your goals so that people can celebrate with you and share in your joy (as you spread that joy to others and bless them too!), but it also lets others know who may be in a position to help you in some way.  Some people are just too shy, or private, to feel comfortable telling others about their goals, in case they’re judged for wanting to ‘do more’, or in case their goals don’t work out for some reason.  Look to the close people you trust and share with on a regular basis, and let them be a part of your plans.


5) Commit your goals to paper

It cannot be stressed how important it is to write your goals down, either on paper in your note pad or journal, or on your computer in a word processor document you can easily refer to.  Defining and detailing your goal plans like this commits them to both memory and your heart, and helps you to think clearly about your objectives.

Writing them out seems to somehow make your goals more ‘real’ and tangible, allowing you to visualise them more in better detail and have something you understand to work towards.  Review what you have written in your goal plan each week to make sure you’re still on track, and in case something has changed.


6) Stay focused, and never give up

It’s quite likely that you will come across challenges that could potentially endanger your goal plan, or individual tasks, so it is important to keep yourself focused on the tasks at hand and not lose sight of where you are.  Missing an important milestone could cause you to be down heartened and lose the motivation you started with, but you need to stop, re-evaluate where you, and be clear on what is needed to get back on track again.

Don’t lose faith in your ability to get through your goals, particularly if they are taking longer than expected to come together.   Be glad of, and celebrate, every successful target in your plan, no matter how small.  Never be discouraged as the obstacles we meet and deal with are a test of how passionate we are and committed to seeing our goals to completion.


What goals are you working towards in the next year?  Do you have short term goals (1-3 months), medium term goals (3-6 months), or long term goals (6-12 months)?


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